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What We Do?
Cognitro Analytics provides

business analytics solutions that enable organizations to maximize the power of their data. By bringing the analytics closer to the business world, our services help clients gain deeper perspective into their constituents and operations, discover hidden knowledge, and attain business foresight; all the right ingredients needed to ultimately manage complex decisions within the enterprise.
Key Success Factors
These success factors help us realize maximal business results:

  •   Deep business knowledge and     experience.

  •   Rigorous research and     development.

  •   Excellence with leading world     tools and technologies.

  •   Products and software     components developed by     Cognitro ensure short time to     market and reduce     implementation risks.

  •   Emphasis on high value     methodology, enabling high     quality solutions.

  •   Successful projects on time.
To Govern with Data Requires that You First Govern the Data"

Amjad Zaim
Chief Executive Officer
Our Company

Cognitro Analytics comprises a team of experts,

researchers, professional consultants and scientists committed to harnessing the power of data mining and predictive analytics technology to manage complex decisions and improve performance. Our leading experts have the knowledge, skills and creativity to help clients discover marketing opportunities, mitigate credit risk, and forecast revenues.

With our core competencies, organizations can gain competitive advantage by utilizing our service to deliver on the promise of advanced close the strategy-execution gap and translate vision into reality.

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Business Overview

Cognitro Analytics brings the art and science of

analytics to an array of sectors and industries enabling companies to realize true business intelligence. By exploiting advanced mathematical assets and artificial intelligence techniques that work, we can answer even the most critical and complex questions. These questions include: "what promotional offers to make," "whether to accept a loan application or reject," and "even where to dig for oil exploration."

While we are persistent in exploring the full potential of innovative analytics technology in new industries, we are equally committed to perfecting our services to provide maximum value for our clients.

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