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Our Partners

Our alliance program is based on delivering

maximum value to our customers. We continue to partner with leading companies that provide consulting and implementation services, software and technology, and proven track records that complement our customized and targeted analytical solution. Building on the strengths of these industry leaders allows us to add significant value through comprehensive solutions that help our clients realize the full potential of our services.
Partner Benefits

By working with Cognitro, business partners can benefit from increased access to a growing industry with a trusted source of Analytics and BI.

1. Industry Domain Partners

companies that recognize the strategic value of their own information and the power of true predictive analytics will find a partnership with Cognitro Analytics to be very attractive. By sharing domain data and knowledge, Cognitro Analytics and partners can provide joint solution offering with a turnkey solution that includes the analytics necessary to turn that data into usable information and this combination translates to competitive advantage.

For example, an insurance company may partner with Cognitro to deliver a risk management or a fraud detection analytics solution. The two companies can then jointly work toward marketing and promoting the solutions to other players in the respective domain, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties.
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2. Information Technology Partners

The full potential of analytics technology is often dependent on how readily and accessible the extracted information are to end users and decision makers. Therefore, deployment of business analytics solutions is most valuable when these services are integrated into the client’s IT environment for real-time reporting. This creates a large window of partnership opportunity with IT companies to jointly develop targeted software application specific to industry and clients needs.

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3. Business intelligence Partners

By bringing business analytics techniques to bear on the BI and reporting environment, we offer our BI partners the opportunity to move from capturing and reporting data to analyzing and to ultimately extend its value to decision-makers. In contrast to direct engagements, BI and analytics engagements will allow partnering parties to increasingly move toward a unified services-led approach to deliver complete end-to-end service solutions to organizations in a more seamless manner. Through partnership, we can jointly sell products and services more quickly and combine resources for offshore and near-shore projects.

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