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The workshops will

take the audience through the entire analytics journey from all angles.  The audience will be exposed to Big Data technology form both theory and practice perspective, will learn how to embed data science into the fabric of their organization, and gain a firsthand look into the world of machine learning through a deep-dive exercises and hands-on predictive modeling sessions. Practical case studies will draw from real-life examples of applying data science to solve hard problems in telco, health and finance: segmentation telco customers by revenues, predicting health risk in the emergency room and optimizing your investment in currency trading.

2017 Global Data Science Workshop

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Seminar Goals

Our seminar is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to:

1) Learn how big data and data science is transforming industries and creating opportunities for growth.

2) Gain exposure on the latest trends in analyzing massive amount of data using big data platform and cloud computing technology.

3) Identify potential impact of Big Data on business & operational efficiencies & value creation

4) Become familiar with the cutting edge data science predictive and prescriptive modeling techniques

5) Design, build and evaluate essential machine learning techniques to solve real life problems

6) Address technical & organizational challenges

7) Understand how to advance the analytics maturity of their organizations

8) Learn what to do and not what to do as they embark on the jounrney of analytics

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Who Should Attend?

Executives and Leadership

  • From the private and the public sectors

C-Level Officers and Managers

  • All personnel involved or contemplating  building an end to end data & analytics programs  

Marketing, Operation, Risk and Business Managers

  • Managers who wish to deploy data science methodologies to better utilize data assets

Technology Experts

  • BI directors, developers, DBAs, as well as analysts and consultants who wish to extend their expertise to data science.

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Sample Topics Covered

A. Demystifying Big Data and Data Science
  1. Cognitive Computing solving complex problems across various sectors of health, security & economy
  2. The anatomy of big data: Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
B. How to Build the Analytics Fitness of your Organization :
  1. Advancing across the Big Data Maturity Scale
  2.  Big Data Platforms and Cloud-Analytics

C.  Top Five Ways Organizations Are Leading with Data Sciecne

  1. Predicting Telco Customers Needs, Wants and Spends
  2. Predicting Who Will Not Make Loan Payment on Time
  3. Predicting Patients Readmission at the Emergency Room
  4. Predicting the Next Waves of Crimes and Terrorist Threat
  5. Predicting the Next Cyber Attack on an Organization Network
D. Building the Full Suite of Big Data Analytics, Visualization and Data Science... Economically


  1. Overview of Open Source R, Spark and Shiny
  2. R Basics: data type, structures, objects, classes & functions
  3. Data ingestion, storing and manipulation with R
  4. Calling machine learning libraries through Spark R
  5. Combining Hadoop, Spark, R and Shiny
  6.  Running your first open source data science project

E. Six Machine Learning Algorithms Every Data Scientist Should Know 

  1. Classification Techniques: Trees and Randome Forests
  2. Association & Basket Market Analysis
  3. Time-Series Analysis, Forecasting and Neural Nets
  4.  Models Evaluating and Benchmarking

F. Case Studies

  1. Telecom customer behavioral segmentation
  2.  Predicting cross-sell & next-best offer in Retail
  3. Predicting the Next Waves of Crimes and Terrorist Threat
  4. Predicting the Lenght of Stay at the emergency Room
  5. Predicting the Next Cyber Attack on an Organization Network


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Event Info

Date & Venue:

Dubai, UAE, May 1st & 2nd, 2017, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Dead Sea, Jordan, May 17th & 18th, 2017, Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa

London, UK, Aug 10th & 11th, 2017,  InterContinental London Park Lane

Chicago, USA, Sep 7th & 8th 2017 Location: Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront

  • Price Rates:

    One Person : $1,500
  • $1,300 (if made at least 3 weeks in advance)

  • Two Persons On the Same Form: $2,550
  • $2,210 (if made at least 3 weeks in advance)
  • 15% Discount

  • Three Persons On the Same Form: $3,600
  • $3,120 (if made at least 3 weeks in advance)
  • 20% Discount



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3) Call Us at

(USA)+1-844-264-6487 x100

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(Jordan):+962 798210083

(UAE) +971-543494879

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