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Why Cognitro?

  •  Vertical domain expertise.

  •  Comprehensive data mining &    warehousing services.

  •  Business-integrated solutions.

  •  Innovative approaches based    on scientific & applied    research.

  •  Cutting edge technological &    business solutions.

  •  Strong relationship with the    technology leaders.

  •  Targeted & customized    solution.
Targeted Industries

Cognitro client portfolio

comprises all major industry segments both in the local and international markets. This vast and varied range of business experience enables us to deliver unique and tailored analytic service used today in the following industries:

  •   Telecommunication

  •   Banking and Finance

  •   Governmental Services

  •   Healthcare & Insurance

  •   Fraud & Secuirty

  •  Retail & Hospitality

Our Value Proposition

Cognitro delivers a full

range of analytics services across different industries. Nevertheless, and despite that our deliverables range from fully deployed models to paper reports, the end result of our offerings is always a new prospective on your business you’ve never seen.
Proven Methodologies

With targeted service

and vertical market's designated solutions and expertise, we are well-positioned to lead data mining projects in all main verticals, including Banking, Telecom, Hi-tech, Healthcare, Insurance and Retail, ensuring that our business intelligence solutions deliver real business value and maximize ROI.

Business Intelligence

1. Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) is a collection of powerful performance management tools that help companies gather and consolidate data, and provide information to end users when they need it. Properly deployed, BI promises timely insight into seemingly disparate information.

However, the success of BI adoption depends critically on how well the product fits the needs of an enterprise. In addition to product research and brand comparisons, Cognitro and in conjunction with its BI partners can conduct an internal assessment of related enterprise processes, create roadmap for implementation, as well as recommend the right solution that fits your need, minimizing therefore risk of project failure and maximizing ROI.

2. BI Strategy

Analytics assessment is designed to provide a foundation for discovery of critical business patterns and trends, producing a proof of concept that shows how business analytics and data mining can be applied to answer your complex business questions.

During assessment, we evaluate the overall situation and analytics resources and draft the overarching strategy to direct the project to completion. We also conduct an audit of the collected data, assess its fitness, and evaluate the impact of its quality on organization's performance and profits.

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Data Science and Predictive Modeling

One of the main challenges involved decision making isthe uncertainty inherent in guessing what will happen in the future if a decision is taken. To attract the right customer or set the best price, one needs visibility into the future; that is:

  Who Are My Customers?

  How will the customer react to an offer?

  What price will be acceptable and profitable?

Cognitro can turn uncertainty into probability using predictive analytics derived from mathematical models. Such predictive models can be developed and integrated so that rules for the decision are based on the likelihood of relevant future outcomes.
Big Data

1. Big Data Technology Architecture

Whether you are currently struggling with dirty, unorganized or unknown data assets looking to uncover opportunities and leveraging big data or embarking on your first master data management initiative, we can help you unlock the true value of your enterprise data.

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Cognitro offers multi-level intensive training programs

designed to explain the art and science of analytics in simple and easy language. The main goal is to enable average professionals and practitioners to understand analytics terminology, capabilities, limitations, risks, rewards, and best practices to reap its full benefits and obtain the maximum return on investment.

All courses contain a balance mixture of theory and practice with interactive breakout sessions. Our seasoned instructors are PhD researchers and developers of data mining and predictive analytics algorithms with years of deep involvement in innovative research and development of real-world data mining solutions. For more information, please click here

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