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Cognitro delivers a full range of analytics services

across different industries. Nevertheless, and despite that our deliverables range from fully deployed models to paper reports, the end result of our offerings is always a new perspective on your business you’ve never seen.
Our analytics services can be the differentiating factor

that elevates an organization above its competitors and provides accurate visibility into ways to manage risk, optimize performance, and drive growth.

Amjad Zaim, Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer
Our Team

Cognitro Analytics is a team of professional experts,

consultants, researchers and scientists committed to harnessing the power of data mining and predictive analytics technology to empower fact-based decisions within the enterprise. Our leading experts have the knowledge, skills and creativity to help clients discover marketing opportunities, mitigate credit risk, and forecast revenues:

  •   Amjad Zaim, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer
  •   Karl Rexer, Ph.D, Partner & Board Member
  •   Satyam Priyadarshy Ph.D, Advisor & Board Member
  •    Myron Godette , Director of Business Analytics
  •   Munzer Maraqa, Ph.D, Director of Business Development
  •   Samar Shilbayeh, Senior Data Scientist

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