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Our Training Program

Cognitro offers multi-level intensive training programs

designed to explain the art and science of analytics in simple and easy language. The main goal is to enable average professionals and practitioners to understand analytics terminology, capabilities, limitations, risks, rewards, and best practices to reap its full benefits and obtain the maximum return on investment.

All courses contain a balance mixture of theory and practice with interactive breakout sessions. Our seasoned instructors are PhD researchers and developers of data mining and predictive analytics algorithms with years of deep involvement in innovative research and development of real-world data mining solutions.

Level Target Scope Benefits

Level I
For Beginners
Project Leaders, Stakeholders, Functional Managers. An intensive overview of strategy, best practices and case studies.
Develop a solid understanding of the science of data mining and its terminology.
Develop modeling skills to allow you to apply the right Data Mining Model to the appropriate business problem.
Learn how to test and evaluate a Data Mining model and interpret the results.

Level II
For Practitioners
Business Analysts, Functional Analysts, IT Professionals. A tactical drill-down of the data mining process, methods, techniques and resources.
Plan and manage your data mining projects effectively using the CRISP model.
Learn how to make more informed business decisions based on knowledge revealed by your own data.
Learn how to to substantially reduce your project preparation time, costs and risks.

Level III
For Researchers
Practitioners, Model-builders, Decision Support Developers. A hands-on application workshop as an extension to Data Mining: Level II.
Understand how to clean and prepare your data using advanced pre-processing techniques such as multivariate analysis and coding.
Learn data mining standards such as Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) and deployment methods.

Note: For more information on training, seminars and workshops, please email us at:
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